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Fundraising for Childhood Cancer

Flash back over 30 years ago in a NICU where I met another nurse that became a lifelong friend. She has a daughter that at the age of 5 was diagnosed with leukemia. After a couple of stressful and emotional years she was diagnosed cancer free. Now fast forward to the age of 13, Faustina was given a school project that required her to become a volunteer. She was unable to find any place that would let someone of her age volunteer so Faustina and a friend decided to start their own nonprofit organization to raise money for childhood cancer. So kids of any age can volunteer at her fundraisers. Faustina is a very bright, compassionate, beautiful young woman. She donates money she raises to the doctor that cured her of her cancer so he can further his research in treatment of childhood cancers. I would like to help her with her fundraising by donating $5.00 from the sale of each bracelet that I make for support of childhood cancer. Please check out the bracelets in my section for fundraising and help raise funds for her nonprofit. Also consider going to her site and donating directly to her orginazation at the link included below. Thank you!


Fundraising for Breast Cancer Research

Another subject near and dear to my heart is research for Breast Cancer. I have had friends as well as family members that have been affected by this terrible disease. Some have been able to beat this disease and others have not. I would like to make bracelets to wear that would bring awareness to this terrible disease and donate $5 from the sale of each to fund research for the cure. The organization I found that uses the most of its donations to fund research is Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 90% of donations go to fund promising research to find the cure.

To donate you can go directly to their site at:


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